Newsflash #45: Some Responses to Vigg Strubble’s Song “Faye’s Fantasy”

thumbnail Faye's Fantasy

Most of the responses we received to Vigg Strubble’s heartbreaking & beautiful song of Faye’s struggles in life were encouraging. Not only fans have reacted to this tender song about yet another difficult subject of this singer/songwriter.

One said that this song was very supportive to women who feel trapped in their own life. Another responded with: “Vigg Strubble’s song gives hope for the future when you are really feeling down (and not because you’re feeling a bit under-the-weather)”.

Many appreciated the positive ending of the song. One wrote in her email: “…but still: at the end of the song Faye continues to rely on her strong imagination… maybe it’s her way of coping?’’ And several people valued the art work of the lyric video as well. In other words, a highly recommendable video to watch right now:

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