About Vigg himself – the early years

Vigg Strubble grew up in the suburbs of the city of The Hague in the Netherlands. At the end of primary school he learned how to play guitar well. During his high school period he turned to the bass guitar, did a lot of background vocals, started to play keyboard and developed his songwriting skills. The Hague, at that time, was the place to be for angry young pop musicians. Several bands were starting to get a lot of attention. Like: Q65, Sandy Coast, Golden Earring, Shocking Blue, The Motions etc etc etc. Vigg grew up with these guys, jammed with them in ‘De Marathon’, smoked joints with them and got drunk with them. In short: there was no better learning period for Vigg Strubble other than the 60s.

After playing and singing in several bands (Rank and Fashion and The Jesters in the 60s, The Reckless Life Band and The Clue in the 70s, More! and the Eddy Starr Singers in the 80s) Vigg did very useful projects between his own gigs. For instance: the a capella group Elysium (about 2005 until 2011) and idealistic projects like Songs for a better future (2014). Vigg Strubble kept on writing outstanding material. With several dozens of songs (easy listening as well as rock songs and ballads) he started his solo career late 80s, early 90s. First with Edward and the Victorians, later on solo again, then a very short period with Vigg Strubble & the Canteengirls (which wasn’t a success), and now once again with The Chiwawas. The line-up will satisfy the hardcore fans of Vigg Strubble. They will recognize some musicians from the past.

After his nervous breakdown – the midlife crisis

In Melody Magazine, Londons so-called underground music magazine, June 1995, M.H. Straightings, a music journalist avant la lettre, wrote the following historical words:

…”In his personal life he has major setbacks. His wife left him (and ran away with one of his best friends), his stageband the Victorians had caused a serious car accident. He himself had health problems due to the years of extreme roadtrips and heavy touring in several countries. “Part of the load”, as Family used to sing. For an allround musician, who wrote lovesongs like Softly, Softly, Gently, Gently and Sadness I Do Not Know Anymore, it was obvious that this would leave severe traces within his personal life. And it did. He stopped touring, but kept on making beautiful songs.

Influenced by the horrific story of the falsely accused and sentenced to death by hanging of the coalminer Parrot Knocker in Pennsylvania USA in 1844 he changed his stage name into Vigg Strubble. Vigg Strubble was a coalminer as well, a close friend of Parrot Knocker. Vigg Strubble tried to prevent the hanging of his buddy, without hesitation and clearly without any fear. Looking at his own personal history this allround musician is a bit sensitive about friendship. From the moment he discovered the truth behind the story he took the homage very seriously: Vigg Strubble became his stage name. He is still proud to use that name. One of Vigg’s best songs is about Parrot Knocker. A rock classic you won’t forget!”

Later on Vigg Strubble “…escaped to the country, to put it mildly…” he once said. We are already crossing the millennium by then. The countryside, that’s where he got his strength back, his motivation to write songs again and to work on his latest comeback on the international stage again.

The original lyrics, which started Vigg’s successful solo career…

With kind permission of the management of Vigg Strubble and on behalf of Vigg Strubble we are proud to present the original lyrics from the 80s (see below):

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Parrot Knocker,
the Sad Days of an Old Funky Mineworker©

His name was Parrot Knocker
he was the opposite of Dan Blocker
he lived deep down in a coalmine
‘cause he couldn’t stand the sunshine

There lived a girl in town
who always went down
down towards the mine
because naggin’ him was so fine

Ooh Parrot Knocker
why don’t you rock her
we know you think she’s cute
why won’t you do as you should

He couldn’t stand the idea
but after many pints of beer
he felt himself so strong
he knew it wouldn’t take long

His face was dark and black
he felt a strange itch on his back
now he would make his move
‘cause he had something to prove

(repeat chorus)

Before he knew what he had done
the men, they grabbed him, just for fun
they dragged him outside
now, he hangs down, down in the cold night

(repeat chorus)

© Vigg Strubble Music. All Rights Reserved.

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