Some notable responses

Trudy Vischschreiber, Odense, Denmark:

Once again: many thanks for the special acoustic performance! (note webmaster: July 31, 2017: Newsflash #50) We loved all the new songs, of course next to the other songs you’ve played. We also liked the friendly atmosphere of the event. I have made this piece of art, Vigg. Hope to see you soon at another gig! (November 1, 2017)

Fan Art: Trudy-Vischschreiber, Odense, Denmark

Danielle McKeown, Administrator, Membership and Operations, Suicide Prevention Australia:

Thank you for your email and for sharing this song and video with us – it is a great song! I have passed it on to the rest of the Team here. Thank you again, Vigg. Please take care. (October 16, 2017)

Susan Blank, Georgia, United States:

Thank you! A very catchy song! (October 15, 2017)
(note webmaster: regarding the original song/video about the U.S. President: Newsflash #44)

Victoria Nederend, Supporter Services Coordinator,, London:

Thank you for sharing Vigg Strubble’s music with us.
You are more than welcome to post this to our Facebook page for our supporters to see. Best wishes. (October 12, 2017)

Heather Belanger, Constituency Manager for Nicole Goehring, MLA for Edmonton Castle Downs and Government of Alberta’s Liaison to the Canadian Armed Forces, Canada:

Thank you for the moving song and voluntary contribution to the upcoming PTSD Awareness Day 2017. Please don’t hesitate to reach out in the future. Cheers. (June 22, 2017)

Corporal Walter Steven Crosley (Retired), Wounded Troop Soldier Suicides, U.S.:

Thanks for sharing! Music is heart lifting. (June 9, 2017)

Linda Kelly, ONF Founder & President, Michigan, U.S.:

Nicely done Vigg!  I posted your song on our ONF FB page and my personal one too. Just curious: What inspired you to write about veteran suicide?
FYI, the popularly known number of 22 is now averaging 20/day and decreasing. Still a long way to go! Thanks for sharing! (June 3, 2017)
(note webmaster: ONF = Operation NEVER Forgotten: Retreats & Awareness for U.S. Veteran Community)

Cary van Rheenen, The Hague, The Netherlands:

Geinag project. Engagement first.
Kicking against sour legs.
Great. (May 5, 2017)

Lena Ganckovics, Stockholm, Sweden:

Parrot Knocker rocks, Vigg! I was expecting the re-release of your old song for weeks now, Vigg. This weekend I searched on Spotify. And there it was, just as promised on the short demo video on YouTube: Parrot Knocker “revisited”. I have already played it again, again and again. Not only at home, but also when I’m going to work. Fantastic: so different from the original. I like it. I like it. I like it. See my drawing: especially made for you, Vigg! (November 6, 2016)

Fan art Vigg Strubble by Lena Ganckovics

Jill S., Southampton, England:

I’m very pleased with Vigg’s new song Peeing with the Big Dogs, together with his new band The Chiwawas. It reminds me of his earlier period in the 80s. I’m still fond of several of his songs: It Looks Like Everywhere, We Have to Keep It Up, Tincan and A Dog’s Life. His view on the real issues in society (even when I was young) are breathtaking. Today I cannot agree more with his sharp comments on, e.g. the American elections. Keep up the good work, Vigg! (August 13, 2016)

Ronström Hillkinnen, Helsinki, Finland:

Surprised by this song Peeing with the Big Dogs. Never heard of this man before. But I think it’s one of the best lyric videos I have ever seen on YouTube. Must admit: I am a bit of a video freak. But I am beginning to like his music (September 30, 2016)

Jurgen Kuchenplatz, Heidelberg, Germany:

When I have to work hard I always listen to his songs Softly, Softly, Gently, Gently and Sadness I Do Not Know Anymore. These songs of the 90s put me back in time. My wife loved these songs of Vigg (performed, as I recall, with his stageband The Victorians, or maybe this was later on, now I am confused, because… never mind) (May 1, 2014)

Mark Straightings, Glastonbury, England:

As long as we have lived here I never wanted to visit the concerts: we heard the noise loud and clear in our backyard. Until Glastonbury 2004, when it was said that Vigg Strubble would come to perform acoustically. He never did. The bastard! Later on, I understand that, after his divorce in 1995, he never accepted any gig, anywhere, anymore. Bloody shame. But I like his latest work Peeing with the Big Dogs (April 23, 2016)

Machiel van Ginkelsteyn, Dordrecht, The Netherlands:

One of my favourites is Mrs. Botany’s Boardinghouse. In its own, it is a kind of short story. Vigg’s music (and singing on this track) made me a huge fan over the years. Just like his song Crispy: funny and cheerful. These songs never disappointed me. I don’t like his new material with his new band The Chiwawas, except Peeing with the Big Dogs. That is Vigg Strubble all over again. Maybe I have to listen more often (June 16, 2016)

Jeannet Oblion, Toronto, Canada:

My neighbours in my hometown are Dutch. They always turned on Temporary Relief, a beautiful song of Vigg Strubble (date:???). Fascinating lyrics. Attractive melody. You have to listen to it when you are down-and-out. (January 31, 2015)

Caroline Basarint, Berlin, Germany:

No one mentioned Vigg’s later work after the millennium. Songs like A Twist of the Wrist and Relating (My Hesitation to You). At that time Vigg Strubble only worked with some top musicians in different studios. Man, that was something! Peeing with the Big Dogs is a promising start of a new period with his new band The Chiwawas. I can’t wait (May 11, 2016)

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