The early years:

  1. Do You Really Know?
  2. Live While You Can
  3. Parrot Knocker, the Sad Days of an Old Funky Mineworker
    The re-arranged version 2016
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  4. We’re All Alike
  5. Getting Older (Thoughts)
  6. Sacrifice
  7. Tobacco Bay
  8. Seeing You Again
  9. Boys From Uncle Sam
  10. The Top of The Wall
  11. Someone Like You
  12. Old Morrest
  13. This Lovely Day Today
  14. Those People
  15. One of a Kind
  16. How Could They Be Like His Mother?
  17. What’s Life All About?
  18. It Looks Like Everywhere ›› watch on page Videos
  19. I Can Hear Them Now
  20. The Man with the Spade
  21. We Have to Keep It Up
  22. Mrs. Botany’s Boardinghouse
  23. Realistic Punning
  24. Insufficient Answers
  25. Love Song (Some Things Go Together)

The 90s:

  1. Softly, Softly, Gently, Gently
  2. Another Ballad of a Gunman
  3. Sadness I Do Not Know Anymore
  4. Goodbye to All That
  5. Virtue or Violence
  6. Eileen
  7. Cleared Up
  8. Safe and Sound
  9. A Dog’s Life
  10. Happy and Forever
  11. Tincan
  12. Just a Marketday
  13. Young Folks
  14. Boyhood ‘s Idea

After the millennium:

  1. A Twist of the Wrist
  2. Relating (My Hesitation to You)
  3. Crispy
  4. Mum Must Not Find Out
  5. Love, Fear, Sorrow and Anger
  6. Temporary Relief
  7. Dining in a Restaurant
  8. Mainly Money

Recent songs:

  1. Hidden Voice
  2. Home for the Aged
  3. Buyers Bulletin (or Belly Growth + TV Commercials)
  4. Peeing with the Big Dogs ›› watch on page Videos
  5. Join the R.P.C.! ›› watch on page Videos
  6. Faye’s Fantasy ›› watch on page Videos
  7. Caught Red Handed ›› watch on page Videos
  8. 22 Suicides a Day ›› watch on page Videos
  9. Already Baked in the Cake ›› watch on page Videos
  10. You Can’t Avoid Loneliness
  11. Fighting Her Fight
  12. Weaky Peeks
  13. A Fair & Square Politician ›› watch on page Videos
  14. The Considerate Bounty Hunter, a Song about a Decent Man with a Dirty Job
  15. Not a Plastic Toy… ›› watch on page Videos
  16. Be Lenient
  17. How Lowlifes Getting High  
  18. At Night

and more to come…

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