Newsflash #44: Which of Vigg’s Dogs Featured in the Lyric Video on YouTube?

Peeing with the Big Dogs

It makes no sense denying any longer that some of Vigg’s dogs really played a part in the well-known lyric video Peeing with the Big Dogs. Other than the title of this striking song may suggest, this cheerful tune is actually about the U.S. President, inaugurated on January 20, 2017.

It is a catchy but critical take on the American elections of November 8, 2016. The song was written by Vigg before the elections. The lyrics still apply to the current situation.

Anyway, hardcore fans of Vigg Strubble have known for a very long time that Vigg likes walking & playing with his dogs. His whole life Vigg has owned several dogs. So here is the question of the management to the observant fans of Vigg Strubble:

Which of Vigg’s two dogs featured in the lyric video on YouTube?

This quiz question can only be answered by email and at least before July 1, 2017. From those of you who have answered the question correctly, a few will be invited for an exclusive event with Vigg Strubble himself. Time & place will be announced on a later date on this website. Possibly somewhere in Central Europe, like Copenhagen or Malmö. The selected fans may also choose their own favorite Vigg Strubble song for this special acoustic performance of Vigg Strubble.

In other words: stay tuned and keep in touch: (N.#44/01/2017).

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