Newsflash #13: No Gigs With Vigg Strubble Anymore… At Least for a While…

The management of Vigg Strubble declares on this official Vigg Strubble website that Vigg has to take a long rest. The years of extreme roadtrips and heavy touring in several countries has taken its toll.

After the millennium Vigg Strubble only worked with top musicians in different studios. So he won’t stop creating great music and writing new songs. On behalf of Vigg Strubble himself Vigg’s management regrets that the real Vigg Strubble fans will be disappointed by this harsh and difficult decision. Vigg realizes this entirely. Positive news is that Vigg will be working on new material. And that he is rearranging The Victorians as stageband. Some of the guys will stay, others will leave and go and play with other bands. We like to say on this official Vigg Strubble website that all these changes are happening in harmony and good spirit. Mind you: Vigg Strubble is a survivor! He will be back! Probably with another line-up. Just keep in touch: See you at a next gig in the near future! (N.#13/03/2004)

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