Newsflash #04: Starting Gigs with the Rock Classic

The word on the street is that the hardcore fans of Vigg Strubble have complained about the following. Vigg used to start his gigs with the stage’s version of Parrot Knocker. Loud and refreshening.

This inspired most of Vigg’s fans to do the so called ‘Vigg’s gig’- dance. Nowadays Vigg doesn’t like to start his gigs with his rock classic. Most of the time he performs this characteristic song as an encore. So most of the time this favourite rock ballad will be played by Vigg and The Victorians. Or any other line-up, for that matter. With this announcement we hope we have satified all of Vigg’s fans. (N.#04/11/2002)

“Extra! Extra! Read all about it…”, but this time about the Re-release of the newest Parrot Knocker (re-arranged version 2016): read & listen Newsflash #43 !!!

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