Newsflash #53: It Looks Like Everywhere, a completely new arrangement: easy listening with a touch of unexpectedness

It Looks Like Everywhere

New fans and loyal fans of Vigg Strubble want to hear the earlier tracks as well (Newsflash #50 and Fanmail). For example: the re-release of the rock classic Parrot Knocker (Newsflash #44 and Newsflash #04 Ins&Outs) was much appreciated, despite the completely different arrangement. Vigg Strubble is hoping to achieve the same with the new re-arranged version 2017 of It Looks Like Everywhere (featuring Roy de Rijke on acoustic guitar). … …read more

Newsflash #50: Cosy Gathering with Hardcore Fans…


We would never have thought that the quiz question “Which of Vigg’s dogs were used in the Lyric Video on YouTube?” would be difficult to answer (Newsflash #44). Apparently it was. None of the respondents answered the question correctly. We did invite about thirty hardcore fans of Vigg Strubble to participate in an exclusive event nearby a high school in the lovely town of Odense in Denmark. … …read more

Newsflash #49: Join the R.P.C.! A joyful sing-along song about the shocking shortage of reasonable people

Join the R.P.C.!

In one country they have got a real good name for it. The Germans call it “Schadenfreude”. Schadenfreude: the experience of pleasure, joy, or self-satisfaction that comes from learning of or witnessing the troubles, failures, or humiliation of another. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Schadenfreude as “a feeling of enjoyment that comes from seeing or hearing about the troubles of other people”. … …read more

Newsflash #46: An Interview about “22 Suicides A Day”, a Song about Veterans Dealing with Severe Stress Back Home

Why a song like this, we asked Vigg Strubble. Vigg waits a little while, carefully looking down at the carpet of the thoroughly cleaned hotel room. Suddenly he replies: “It’s a very difficult issue. On the one hand veterans are in a special kind of way ‘untouchable’. Especially when they respond to their homecoming in a well accepted manner. As cool headed heroes. As super human beings who did remarkable things in extreme, violent situations. And still be able to deal with their horrifying experiences. I think that stress related responses of veterans (who have just been on the toughest battlefields) are quite normal.” … …read more