Request of the Official VSAA: What About the Origin of Vigg’s Song Eileen?


There is an ongoing debate within the official VSAA (Vigg Strubble Appreciation Association) about the autobiographic origin of the heartbreaking lovesong Eileen (Vigg’s work from the 90s).

Does Vigg refer to his first wife in this song? Was he still in love with her when he wrote this song? And other questions like: Was she really as beautiful as Vigg describes in this song? Vigg’s management would like to emphasize on behalf of Vigg Strubble that some of Vigg’s songs are indeed autobiographical and some are not. Quote from Vigg himself: “Can’t remember, I think it was a one night stand, or something like that, anyway she was very beautiful, yes she was…(R./VSAA/01/2016)

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