Newsflash #42: Quotes of Vigg Strubble about Writing Lyrics

Malmö's Music Point

In the radioshow Malmö’s Music Point Vigg was interviewed about his music career, the latest changes within his (stage) band and his personal life. They also wanted to know some specific things about Vigg’s songwriting.

One of the questions was: Is there a particular method which Vigg uses to write new material? Especially for the great number of fans in Sweden Vigg answered quite openly as follows: “I like different kinds of lyrics. It must have a certain point of view, original words that rhyme well, a particular rhythm and sometimes a tiny catchy story.” And later on in the radioshow he explained: “Some of my lyrics comply nicely with the criteria I have mentioned earlier. A song like Peeing with the Big Dogs, for instance. In general, people tend to respond strongly to a song like this. They love it or they hate it. And some of them are not even hardcore fans, like here in Sweden. So what about that!” (N.#42/09/2016)

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