Newsflash #39: No Gig of Vigg in Austin, Texas, USA


There seems to be a look-a-like. In Austin, Texas, USA, some people have allegedly seen Vigg at a gig in a local Americana Music Festival.

Quote from a bystander: “I am sure I’ve heard some distinctive Vigg Strubble songs. Such as: Eileen, Safe and Sound and even my personal favorite Happy and Forever. It was very strange to hear these old songs of Vigg.”

The management of Vigg Strubble and the Chiwawas declares on this official Vigg Strubble website that Vigg has not been near to this local Americana Music Festival, let alone near to Austin, Texas, USA. Vigg Strubble and the Chiwawas are still considering new gigs. And Vigg hasn’t decided yet! (N.#39/06/2016)


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